Prerequisite: OpenSSH

See the page on generating keys.

Using scp

Files can be transferred with scp, which is more or less a cp equivalent, but then to or from a remote machine.

For example, to copy the (local) file localfile.txt to your home directory on the cluster (where <vsc-loginnode> is a loginnode), use:

scp localfile.txt <vsc-account>@<vsc-loginnode>:

Likewise, to copy the remote file remotefile.txt from your home directory on the cluster to your local computer, use:

scp <vsc-account>@<vsc-loginnode>:localfile.txt .

The colon is required!

Using sftp

The sftp is an equivalent of the ftp command, but it uses the secure ssh protocol to connect to the clusters.

One easy way of starting a sftp session is

sftp <vsc-account>@<vsc-loginnode>