Prerequisite: PuTTY and WinSCP

You've generated a public/private key pair with PuTTY and have an approved account on the VSC clusters.

Connecting to the VSC clusters

When you start the PuTTY executable 'putty.exe', a configuration screen pops up. Follow the steps below to setup the connection to (one of) the VSC clusters.

In the screenshots, we show the setup for user vsc98765 to the ThinKing cluster at K.U.Leuven via the loginnode

You can find the names and ip-addresses of the loginnodes in the sections of the local VSC clusters.

Alternatively, you can follow a short video explaining step-by-step the process of making connection to VSC login nodes (example based on KU Leuven cluster).

  1. Within the category Session, in the field 'Host Name', type in <vsc-loginnode>, which is the name of the loginnode of the VSC cluster you want to connect to.
    PuTTY Session
  2. In the category Connection > Data, in the field 'Auto-login username', put in <vsc-account>, which is your VSC username that you have received by mail after your request was approved.
  3. In the category Connection > SSH > Auth, click on 'Browse' and select the private key that you generated and saved above.
    PuTTY SSH Auth
    Here, the private key was previously saved in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\Me\Keys. In newer versions of Windows, "C:\Users" is used instead "C:\Documents and Settings".
  4. In the category Connection > SSH > X11, click the Enable X11 Forwarding checkbox:
    PuTTY SSH Auth
  5. Now go back to Session, and fill in a name in the 'Saved Sessions' field and press 'Save' to store the session information.
  6. Now pressing 'Open' should start ask for you passphrase, and connect you to <vsc-loginnode>.

The first time you make a connection to the loginnode, a Security Alert will appear and you will be asked to verify the authenticity of the loginnode.

PuTTY Security Alert

For future sessions, just select your saved session from the list and press 'Open'.