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Contact information user support: See the user documentation.


As a virtual organization, the VSC does not have a proper address at the moment, but can be contacted via the coordinators at the participating universities. With them you can discuss the structure of the VSC, its policies, or the evolution of the infrastructure. The coordinators are not the access points to the help desk (for getting an account or problems using the cluster, etc.), you can find these in the user documentation.

Hercules Foundation Marc Luwel
Hercules Foundation
Koloniƫnstraat 56

Home page
KU Leuven Association Leen Van Rentergem
KU Leuven, Directie ICTS
Willem de Croylaan 52 b - bus 5582
3001 Heverlee
Tel.: +32 (16) 322155broken image, +32 (16) 322900broken image
Home page
Ghent University Assocation Ewald Pauwels
Ghent University, Information and Communication Technology Department
Krijgslaan 281 S9
9000 Gent
Tel.: +32 (9) 264 47 16broken image
Home page
Antwerp University Association Stefan Becuwe
Antwerp University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Middelheimcampus M.G.310
Middelheimlaan 1
2020 Antwerpen
Tel.: +32 (3) 265 3860broken image
Home page
Universitaire Associatie Brussel Rosette Vandenbroucke
VUB, Faculty of Sciences, DNTK
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Brussel
Tel.: +32 (2) 629 3210broken image
Home page
Associatie Universiteit-Hogescholen Limburg Geert Jan Bex
UHasselt, Dienst Onderzoekscoƶrdinatie
Campus Diepenbeek
Agoralaan Gebouw D
3590 Diepenbeek
Tel.: +32 (11) 268231broken image or +32(16) 322241
Home page and personal home page


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