The VSC is a partnership of five Flemish university associations. The Tier-1 and Tier-2 infrastructure is spread over four locations: Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Louvain. There is also a local support office in Hasselt.


The recent data center of UGhent (2011) on Campus Sterre features a room which is especially equipped to accommodate the VSC framework. This room currently houses the majority of the Tier-2 infrastructure of Ghent University and the first VSC Tier-1 capability system. The adjacent building of the ICT Department hosts the Ghent University VSC -employees, including support staff for the Ghent University Association (AUGent).


The KU Leuven equiped its new data center (2012) in Heverlee with a separate room for the VSC framework. This room currently houses the joint Tier-2 infrastructure of KU Leuven and Hasselt University and an experimental GPU / Xeon Phi cluster. This space will also house the next VSC Tier-1 computer. The nearby building of ICTS houses the KU Leuven VSC employees, including the support team for the KU Leuven Association.


The VSC does not feature a computer room in Hasselt, but there is a local user support office for the Association University-Colleges Limburg (AU-HL) at Campus Diepenbeek.


The VUB shares a data center with the ULB on Solbosch Campus also housing the VUB Tier-2 cluster and a large part of the BEgrid infrastructure. The VSC also has a local team responsible for the management of this infrastructure and for the user support within the University Association Brussels (UAB) and for BEgrid.


The University of Antwerp features a computer room equipped for HPC infrastructure in the building complex Campus Groenenborger. A little further, on the Campus Middelheim, the UAntwerpen VSC members have their offices in the Mathematics and Computer Science building. This team also handles user support for the Association Antwerp University (AUHA).