PRACE Winter School 2019 - Introduction to Machine Learning for scientists

4-8 march
Venue: ICTS opleidingscentrum A, W. de Croylaan 52a, 3001 Heverle
Price: Free

Machine learning is increasingly being used as a tool to explore, understand, and analyze the data that is generated in a wide variety of scientific domains. Classic approaches to data processing start to break under the avalanche of data produced by modern measurement and diagnostic techniques. In the first part of this school researchers will get an overview and a solid understanding of machine learning algorithms. This will show these methods can be used to solve various research questions and remain on the cutting edge of the research domain. The second part will build on this knowledge, and bring applications to the next level by introducing the technology to perform machine learning analysis at scale.

This session is organised within Prace Seasonal Schools together with HPE. More information can be found on the Prace registration page.

The school is a full week, so please only register if you can attend the full school. If you’re not present 90% of the time, no certificate for the doctoral schools can be given.