GPU general concepts + HPC software application

Venue: ICTS opleidingscentrum A, W. de Croylaan 52a, 3001 Heverlee
Price: Free
End registration: 14.10.2018

15.10.2018: 10:30h-17:00h

    • 10h30 – 11h30: Compute node with GPU architecture: caches/memory/Buses
    • 11h30 – 12h30: Running Gromacs, Namd, Amber & Vasp on GPU
    • 12h30 – 14h00: Lunch
    • 14h00 – 15h30: Monitoring the performance of a specific GPU job – CPU vs GPU usage, Identifying the bottlenecks for a specific GPU job
    • 15h30 – 17h00: Profiling HPC GPU applications – GPU ready + bring your own dataset
    • 17h00 and later: Building & running HPC apps on the cluster

Minimal programming experience, experience with scientific software that uses GPU