HPC@UAntwerp introduction - Fall'18

22.10.2018, 23.10.2018
Venue: Campus Middelheim G.025/G.026 (Middelheimlaan 1, 2020 Antwerpen)
Price: Free
End registration: 22.10.2018

This is the final part of our introductory course series. The first two-session course covered the use of Linux, the operating system used on the clusters. In the second single-session course in the series we covered the basic architecture of supercomputers and our clusters in particular. This lecture should have given you enough understanding of the organisation of a cluster be able to determine which resources you need for which application.

All new users are encouraged to take this course, even if you have experience on other clusters, as every cluster has a different setup of the software stack, file systems, etc. Don't take for granted that you can work in the same way on our clusters as you did on clusters elsewhere.

Users who have not yet applied for a VSC account before the session, are encouraged to arrive at 09:00 so that the account can be created for the hands-on exercises.

For further information, contact hpc@uantwerpen.be.

Course materials: