Linux introduction

01.10.2018, 04.10.2018
Venue: UAntwerp Campus Middelheim, G.025 (Middelheimlaan 1, 2020 Antwerpen)
Price: Free
End registration: 01.10.2018

A two-session introduction to Linux, the operating system of all VSC supercomputers. This course is the first in a series of 3. The second 1-session course covers the architecture of supercomputers (17 October 2018) which is equally relevant to those who only run software (as you need to understand whether your code will run well on a supercomputer and which resources to request to run your program) as to those who develop software for supercomputers. The third 2-session course (22 and 23 October 2018) will then show you how to actually start programs on the cluster at UAntwerpen.

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