The next four years the KU Leuven will host the VSC Tier-1 supercomputer. We like to present this supercomputer to you.

Last year the VSC installed a new supercomputer or HPC Tier-1 with the support of the Flemish government in Leuven. This computer is the successor to the current Tier-1 Muk at Ghent University. The new cluster was named BrENIAC, referring to both "brain" and "ENIAC, one of the first electronic computers for public use, released in 1946.

Specificaties BrENIAC

On Monday, October 17th BrENIAC was officially launched in the presence of Flemish Minister Philippe Muyters, rector Rik Torfs (KU Leuven), general manager Professor Debackere (KU Leuven) and director ICTS KU Leuven Annemie Depuydt. The launch also marks the start of a campaign that will run in the coming years to raise awareness in Flanders about the capabilities of the supercomputer.

The inauguration started with an academic session, with the following speakers and topics:

  • Introduction: Professor Dirk Roose (president of the VSC users committee)
  • Session 1: The virtual spectrometer: theory supports experiment by Professor Wouter Herrebout (University of Antwerp)
  • Session 2: Why climate science needs high-performance computing: Demonstrations, prospects and challenges by Professor Nicole van Lipzig (KU Leuven)
  • Session 3: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Chemical engineering meets high-performance computing by Professor Kevin Van Geem (Ghent University)
  • Session 4: High-performance computing in healthcare by Dr. ir. Wilfried Verachtert (imec)

The academic session was followed by the inauguration moment, with short speeches by

  • Professor Professor Debackere, General Manager KU Leuven
  • Mr. Kimihiko Fukuda, Executive Vice President, NEC Corporation
  • Minister Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister of Employment, Economy, Innovation and Sports
  • Professor Rik Torfs, Rector KU Leuven

During this section, the campaign image was also unveiled. This is a unique drawing of the house cartoonist of the KU Leuven and also cartoonist of The Standard, Joris Snaet. This drawing occupies the entire front of the Tier-1. At the end of the session, Minister Muyters pressed the start button to mark the start of the system for general use.

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