NEC Deutschland GmbH was awarded to provide an LX-series supercomputer, a state of the art high-performance-computing system to the VSC at KU Leuven.

When operational this system will be the fastest Flemish supercomputer (Tier-1), and it will be ranked amongst the top 150 biggest and fastest supercomputers in the world. The infrastructure will cost 5.5 million Euro and it is financed by the Flemish minister for Science and Innovation in Belgium.

The supercomputer with its specification:

  • 623 Tflops peak performance
  • 580 Nodes Intel E5-2680v4
  • Mellanox EDR 2:1
  • 634 TB NEC GxFS file system (20GB/s aggregated peak performance and +24 000 IOPS)
  • Watercooled racks for best optimized TCO
  • NEC LXC3 cluster solution, NEC Docker, NEC IBViz monitoring tool.

will have a compute power of more than three times the capacity of the first Flemish supercomputer, which is installed in Gent and is now about 4 years old.

The new machine will be installed mid-2016 at VSC KU Leuven.

More information is available in the HPC wire newsletter.
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