Bekaert is world leader in steel wire transformation. It relies on VSC infrastructure and knowhow to predict the behaviour of steel wire during transformation processes.

Bekaert in a few words

Bekaert is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. Headquartered in Flanders, it is a global company with almost 30.000 employees worldwide. Bekaert is a prime supplier of steel cord products for tire reinforcement and steel fiber for concrete reinforcements. But it offers a very wide range of advanced steel wire products for other applications and to many sectors.

Why HPC?

Peter De Jaeger, R&D Project Manager Advanced Coatings, explains how Bekaert benefits from supercomputing:

“We use computational models to predict the behavior of steel wire during different transformation processes (e.g. wire rolling, wire drawing, rope manufacturing, …). Such calculations are much faster and more economic than relying on physical tests on proofing samples. In this way, supercomputing allows us to drastically enhance the speed of product development and improve development processes.”

"But this modeling approach requires proper software implementation and ample computational resources.”

Benefits of the VSC

For both software implementation and computational resources, Bekaert relies on the services of the VSC. A tailor-made version of the OpenFOAM-extend software was installed and made available on all clusters by the VSC support team. All Bekaert’s computational models now run in an efficient manner on the TIER1 and TIER2 infrastructure of the VSC.

Peter De Jaeger: “The VSC team offers world-class supported computational infrastructure which makes high performance computing feasible from an industry perspective.”