Next- generation Supercomputing in Flanders: value creation for your business!

Tuesday 27 Januari 2015

Technopolis Mechelen

The first industry day was a success, thanks to all the presenters and participates. We especially would like to thank the minister for his presence. The success stories of European HPC centres showed how benificial HPC can be for all kinds of industry. The testimonials of the Flemish firms who already are using large scale computing could only stress the importance HPC. We will continue to work on the ideas generated at this meeting so that VSC can strengthen its service to industry.

All participants to the VSC industry day 2015. More pictures after the click

Below you can download the presentations of the VSC 2015 industry day. Pictures are published.

The importance of High Performance Computing for future science, technology and economic growth
Prof. Dr Bart De Moor, Herculesstichting

The 4 Forces of Change for Supercomputing
Cliff Brereton, director Hartree Centre (UK)

The virtual Engineering Centre and its multisector virtual prototyping activities
Dr Gillian Murray, Director UK virtual engineering centre (UK)

How SMEs can benefit from High-Performence-Computing
Dr Andreas Wierse, SICOS BW GmbH (D)

European HPC landscape- its initiatives towards supporting innovation and its regional perspectives
Serge Bogaerts, HPC & Infrastructure Manager, CENAERO (B)
Belgian delegate to the Prace Council

Big data and Big Compute for Drug Discovery & Development of the future
Dr Pieter Peeters, Senior Director Computational Biology, Janssen R&D (B)

HPC key enabler for R&D innovation @ Bayer CropScience
Filip Nollet, Computation Life Science Platform
Architect Bayer Cropscience (B)

How becoming involved in VSC: mechanisms for HPC industrial newcomers
Dr Marc Luwel, Herculesstichting
Dr Ewald Pauwels, Ugent - Tier1

Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister of Economics and Innovation

Full program