1. Doping Diamond with Luminescent Centres: The Electronic Structure of Ge and Eu Defect Complexes
    Danny E. P. Vanpoucke, Shannon S. Nicley, Emilie Bourgeois, Milos Nesladek, Ken Haenen (U Hasselt)
  2. Impact of observed and future climate change on agriculture and forestry in Central Asia
    Rozemien De Troch, Steven Caluwaerts, Lesley De Cruz, Piet Termonia and Philippe De Maeyer (U Gent en Koninklijk Meteorologisch Instituut - Institut Royal Météorologique)
  3. Do droughts self-propage and self-intensify?
    Jessica Keune, Hendrik Wouters (U Gent)
  4. Combining Multigrid and Multilevel Monte Carlo with Applications to Uncertainty Quantification
    Pieterjan Robbe, Dirk Nuyens, Stefan Vandewalle (KU Leuven)
  5. Reference Assisted Assembly and Annotation of the Octopus vulgaris Genome
    Koen Herten, Gregory Maes, Eve Seuntjes, Fiorito Graziano, Joris R Vermeesch (KU Leuven)
  6. Going where the wind blows – Aeroelastic simulations of a wind turbine with composite blades
    Gilberto Santo, Mathijs Peeters, Wim Van Paepegem, Joris Degroote (U Gent)
  7. Tailoring superconductivity in lithium-decorated graphene
    Annelinde Strobbe, Jonas Bekaert, Milorad Milošević (U Antwerpen)
  8. Calculating terrain parameters from Digital Elevation Models on multicore processors
    Grethell Castillo Reyes, Dirk Roose (UCI, Havana and KU Leuven)
  9. HPC4Business: Predicting Churn in Telco from Very Large Graphs using Representation Learning
    Sandra Mitrović, Jochen De Weedt (KU Leuven)
  10. Machine learning and materials science: from ab initio screening to microstructure analysis
    Michiel Larmuseau, Maarten Cools-Ceuppens, Michael Sluydts, Toon Verstraelen, Tom Dhaene, Stefaan Cottenier (U Gent and OCAS)
  11. Generating climate forcing for the Ecotron experiment using HPC
    Inne Vanderkelen, F. Rineau, E. Davin, L. Gudmundsson, J. Zscheischler, S. I. Seneviratne, W. Thiery (VUB, U Hasselt and ETH Zurich)
  12. A hybridized DG method for unsteady flow problems
    Alexander Jaust, Jochen Schütz (U Hasset)
  13. Aromatic sulfonation with SO3: mechanistic and kinetic study
    Samuel Moors, Xavier Deraet, Guy Van Assche, Paul Geerlings, Frank De Proft (VUB)
  14. Understanding ambident nucleophilicity: a combined activation-strain and conceptual DFT analysis
    Tom Bettens, Trevor A. Hamlin, Mercedes Alonso, F. Matthias Bickelhaupt, Frank De Proft (VUB)
  15. Computational fluid dynamics-based study of novel technologies in the steam cracking process
    Stijn Vangaever, Jens N. Dedeyne, Pieter A. Reyniers, Guy B. Marin, Geraldine J. Heynderickx, Kevin M. Van Geem (U Gent)
  16. HPC for regional climate simulations over Antarctica
    Alexandra Gossart, Niels Souverijns, Matthias Demuzere, Sam Vanden Broucke, Nicole P.M. van Lipzig (KU Leuven)
  17. Materials microstructure simulation
    Yuri Coutinho, Nele Moelans (KU Leuven)
  18. SP-Wind: A scalable large-eddy simulation code for modeling and optimization of wind energy systems
    Wim Munters, Athanasios Vitsas, Thomas Haas, Johan Meyers (KU Leuven)
  19. Simulation of atmospheric flows and their interaction with classical and airborne wind energy systems
    Dries Allaerts, Thomas Haas, Johan Meyers (KU Leuven)
  20. LES based control of wind farms
    Pieter Bauweraerts, Wim Munters, Johan Meyers (KU Leuven)
  21. Surge resistance identification of inland vessels by Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Arne Eggers, Gerben Peeters (KU Leuven)
  22. Analyzing the epidemic size distributions of an individual-based influenza model
    Pieter Libin, Kristof Theys, Ann Nowé (VUB and KU Leuven)
  23. Studying the adaptation of complex biomolecular systems through mechanistic modeling and in silico evolution
    Jayson Gutiérrez, Steven Maere (VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology and U Gent)
  24. Fraction of virus individuals with beneficial alleles affects the trajectory of a selective sweep
    Abbas Jariani, Pieter Libin, Kristof Theys (VIB, VUB and KU Leuven)
  25. The ESA Virtual Space Weather Modeling Centre
    S. Poedts, A. Kochanov, A. Lani (KU Leuven), H. Deconinck (VKI), N. Mihalache A. Lani & F. Diet (SAS), D. Heynderickx (DH Consultancy), J. De Keyser, E. De Donder, N.B. Crosby, M. Echim (BISA), L. Rodriguez, R. Vansina, F. Verstringe , B. Mampaey (ROB), R. Horne, S. Glauert, J. Isles (BAS), P. Jiggens, R. Keil, A. Glover, J.-P.
  26. Forecasting space weather with EUHFORIA in ESA’s Virtual Space Weather Modeling Centre
    S. Poedts, A. Lani, A. Kochanov, Ch. Verbeke, C. Scolini, A. Isavnin, N. Wijsen - CmPA / KU Leuven
    J. Pomoell, E. Kilpua, E. Asvestari, E. Lumme - University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
  27. Cheese brines harbour both halophilic/halotolerant and cheese ingredient-associated microorganisms
    Louise Vermote, Marko Verce, Luc De Vuyst Stefan Weckx (VUB)
  28. Multiscale Climate Modelling over Africa
    O. Brousse, J. Van de Walle, W. Thiery, H. Wouters, M. Demuzerre, N. P.M. van Lipzig (KU Leuven)
  29. Structural and electronic properties of Naples Yellow pigments
    R. Saniz, D. Lamoen, A. Martchetti, K. De Wael, B. Partoens (U Antwerpen)
  30. Hard X-ray sources in solar flares: K-H instability and turbulence
    Wenzhi Ruan, Chun Xia, Rony Keppens (KU Leuven)
  31. A Cost-Efficient Workflow for the Whole-Transcriptome Analysis of Xenograft-Derived Tissue
    Álvaro Cortés-Calabuig, Magali Verheecke, Vanessa Brys, Jeroen Van Houdt, Frederic Amant, Joris Vermeesch (KU Leuven)
  32. Validation of GenOme Resolution by Density-gradient Isopycnic ANalysis (GORDIAN) for sequence-based microbial community analysis
    Sofie Thijs, Nathan Bullen, Sarah Coyotzi, Jaco Vangronsveld, William Holben, Laura Hug, Josh Neufeld (U Hasselt, Waterloo Univ., Univ. Montana)
  33. The composition and functional potential of water kefir fermentation microbiota as revealed through shotgun metagenomics Marko Verce, Luc De Vuyst, and Stefan Weckx (VUB)